Social Network- The movie

I saw this movie in the first week that it came out, but have just never got a chance to actually make the blog about it. I wanted to watch it because i heard great reviews about it and was really interested in the Facebook history and see how they put it together.

When i saw it i was very pleased with the actual movie, it was very entertaining from beginning to end, and quite informational the whole time. I learned a few things i didn’t know before, and they included such things as that they started Facebook in Harvard literally in one of the dorm rooms. IT was taken from the idea of some other Harvard students but tweaked a little to become the actual facebook it is today. It is still amazing how such one person can create such a concept as facebook and even facemash. It took a lot of computer knowledge by the creator to make the concept work and it was interesting to see how it spread from only a Harvard site to being such a universal thing. It was also very interesting to see how it helped evolve in a financial way to become the multi billion dollar company it is today.  Also i learned that the creater of NApster was also part of the origins of Facebook, that was something i didn’t know.

Some of the things i didn’t really like where the ways they portrayed MArk Zuckerberg. They made him seem like an antisocial nerd who had no people skills, and i don’t believe that he was that way in real life. I saw videos of him speak in real life and he didn’t seem that distanced from the real world as the movie made it seem.  Something else that surprised me was the way friendships end so easily just for money, it was very shocking that a best friend would do that to another best friend and basically make him having from 30% ownership to basically nothing.

OVerall, it was a great movie and i would suggest it to anybody. It not only was entertaining on a cinematic way but also was very informative to anybody who was interested in Facebook and its history.

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The Next New Thing

ITs kind of hard to predict the next new thing in new media because if it where possible we would all be the next Mark Zukenbergs(Sp?). If i had to predict where the next new thing would be would be in integration of everything that exists already. IT seems that everything has already been created with the ideas of virtual world, social networking, blogs etc.. The only thing that could be next would be possibly to integrate everything into one thing in the form of a virtual social network. Where everything is within arms reach and nobody would ever have to leave it. Something along the line of surrogates or avatar. This would require some new technology to be invented, but with the recent inventions and advances in technology i don’t see this being a problem. Regardless of this minor set back i am very excited to see what in fact will be the next new thing.

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Our Class Wiki – So Far

My part of the class wiki will be the food section and how different food is portrayed through the use of new media. I havent really contributed much to the actual wiki yet and havent done too much research because i was focusing on the paper. But i was always interested in the cooking world. I have watched the food network for a couple of years now and like to cook in my spare time. I find it to be a very relaxing activity that takes away from the stress associated with school and work. The new media outlet for the food industry can be seen through different blogs of people and their recipes. Tweets of what people cook, and even wiki on different kind of foods. Once i do more research i am sure i will be able to find a lot to contribute to the class wiki under the food section.

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About My Term Research Paper

This was probably one of my favorite reasearch projects i had to do thus far in my college career because of the simple fact that i got to choose the topic. When i found out that we had to choose a topic relating to new media my first thought was to do something involving ebay.

I choose eBay because i was always interested in the concept of eBay, and all throughout highschool i bought and sold things. It became a hobby for me and would be able to sit on eBay for hours. The trick was finding a way to relate eBay the auction site to new media. This proved to be a tougher task then i thought because when i made my outline it seemed as if i just wrote about eBay the auction site and didnt mention eBay the new media outlet at all.

Once i started to conduct research it was evident that eBay was very involved in web 2.0 as well as implementing the 5 cs into their site. IT was hard to get scholarly articles regarding eBay but i did my best to find credible sources so it would actually be a real research paper.

I learned that eBay has had many web 2.0 applications that it launched in 2006 but for some reason most of them didn’t survive and instead have been integrated into the community section of their site. IT seems to be a perfect matching of web 2.0 applications and the online auctioning service that eBay provides.

Overall, i learned a little bit about the history of eBay, and how it is constantly trying to keep up with recent trends whether it be web 2.0 or now moving onto mobile applications and uses. It will be around for a very long time and should be looked at.

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Privacy & Confidentiality

With all of the new media available people focus mostly on all of the great new things they can do and see, and sometimes forget about the importance of PRivacy and Condifedntiality. These could be two of the most important things that should be associated with new media. One of the worst things that can happen on new media in today’s world is identity theft, and unfortunately it seems to have become even more popular. With all of these new media outlets people feel comfortable and seem to think everybody is their friends, so they seem like they are doing you a good deed but in fact they are just trying to get your personal information. Ebay is a prime example of a new media source which people try to get personal information, it comes in the form of email spam which takes you to a mirror site which looks like a legit site but in fact it is just a site to steal your personal information.

The problem with confidentiality on new media, is that you never really know who is on the other side, while you may think you’re talking to person your age in fact it is a 60 year old man, this can be very traumatizing to younger kids and because of this the privacy settings must be set so kids can’t talk to stranger. Another problem with privacy and confidentiality, is that people choose very easy passwords that certain people can crack.

People nowadays try to keep all of their personal information private on social networking sites such as Facebook and mysapce. This is a good start to protect private information, but people also need to be aware of scams that some of these sites have, aswell as have a good anti-virus and spyware software, and finally just keep their eyes open to strange things .This will help make the new media a safe and fun place.

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Advice to Baruch College

My advice for baruch college regarding New media would ot basically just use more of it. There are so many available resources out there that kids could follow their professors and the class. For example, if the professor had a twitter account for each class he could post where he left off, or of any interesting reads the students could do in their spare time, or even if he is running late. In addition, they could use you-tube and even record their lectures or parts of the lecture. Then post it on YouTube, this would defeneitly help the kids who want to go back and look at their lecture before the tests. Moreover, some professors dont even use any technology at all for their classes, for example my tax class. The professor does not post a single thing online and doesnt even use blackboard. This makes it impossible to get practice problems or even some sort of power point slides. Thus making it harder for the student to do well. Some students need to see visual examples instead of just hearing words, there are projectors in each class it is time that the professors have to use them > If for some reason they dont know how, they should train them! Overall, i just think if we were to utilize the new media in the right ways instead of killing time the students would be able to do better.

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Twitter: Discussion

So today, we had to make a few tweets and respond to somebody elses tweets regarding the reading. IT was a new experience for me since i have never used twitter before. I personally didnt care for it too much, i would rather there be an option to leave a comment directly instead of doing the whole @ thing. OVerall it was fun because it was new and will most likely use it at some point in my life again.

This differes from a blackboard discussion board because there isnt the option to find which classmate posted something and click reply or something, it is much more direct way of replying to somebody, and in addition you have as much space as you want to make a reply. As for twitter you have to go post on you own page and use the @ button. This was a litte confusing for me, and again only limited to 140 characters which is basically nothing. It makes you think of way to condense your ideas.

As for a class discussion, i feel like that would be the best way to have a discussion because this way you have the body language that goes along with conversations to help guide the discussion. You have everything you need and no limitations, and having the actual person besides you is just an added bonus. Call me old fashion, but i prefer the face to face discussion over online discussion any day.

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